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One of the biggest issues during a fertility journey is finding ways to relax. You know you need to and you really want to, but your mind is so full of everything going on in your life and your hopes and worries for the future – it just seems impossible.

Traditional meditation techniques take practice and you are continually working to keep your mind focused and clear, whereas listening to an audio track of someone guiding you into a deeply relaxed state is simply effortless.

“Your body hears everything your mind says!”

What’s the course about?

Guided meditations are not only easy; they are also incredibly powerful as you combine the relaxing effects of meditation with the potency of visualisation.

When you visualise something, your brain starts to act like it’s actually happening and changes take place in the neural pathways in your brain. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between an actual event or a vividly-imagined one.

We can use this really effectively to help you with your fertility. Some studies have shown a doubling of the pregnancy or IVF success rate when mind-body tools like visualisation are taught to women. Visualisation has also been shown to shrink fibroids, increase sperm rates and mobility, reduce PCOS and endometriosis and much more.

The course includes:

Your Fertility Meditations online course contains three guided meditations:

  1. Morning Meditation – to help you beat the fatigue and awaken every morning feeling refreshed and motivated
  2. Clearing Meditation – helping you to create boundaries and clear out any unhealthy, negative thoughts, emotions or experiences that might be blocking your fertility
  3. Love my body – guiding you to have a more loving relationship with your body and in particular your reproductive system and to help you visualise a healthy functioning system

In addition, the course includes a video tutorial which talks you through how guided meditations can work for you and a downloadable pdf with some tips for meditation and visualisation. The course also includes bonus wallpapers for your desktop and phone to help you strengthen your visualisations and maintain them throughout the day.

You have unlimited access to the audios and materials in the course so you can come back every day and benefit from the powerful benefits of both relaxation and visualisation and start to see the amazing benefits this can have on your body’s health and your mindset.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the course?

Your Fertility Hub is all about the emotional side of fertility and our courses focus on reducing the negative impact infertility is having on you and your life and then supporting you to enhance your body's natural fertility.

The courses contain the exact same tools used highly successfully in fertility coaching and are these are distilled down into easy-to-follow videos, workbooks, audios and downloads.

It's like having your own personal fertility coach, mentor and guide!

What if I find the course is not for me?

We want you to be happy so if you're not satisfied with your course we will refund you in full.

What are mind-body tools for fertility?

The mind-body connection is the growing approach that sees our mind and body working together for optimal health. For fertility this is particularly powerful as we know our reproductive and stress hormones are linked and research shows that women who use mind-body tools are over twice as likely to conceive. You can learn more about mind-body tools and how they work for fertility here

Can I go through the course at my own pace?

Absolutely, you can dip into the course whenever you have time and return to any parts that you need to.

How often can I access the course?

We believe you should have ongoing support so offer unlimited access to our courses. That also means as we update and improve them, you get all the new stuff too!

How will the course be delivered?

You access your course via your own personal log in and dashboard which will be emailed to you straight after purchase. Each course is a unique mix of video tutorials, workbooks, audio visualisation and meditiation tracks and downloads.

What if I buy multiple courses?

All your courses will be available for you in your own personal dashboard

“Soroka Medical Centre in Israel looked into the impact of guided visualization on 185 women undergoing IVF. It found that 28% of the women who had been given guided visualizations became pregnant, compared to 14% who hadn’t”

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