What else can I do to get pregnant?

When you’re doing through infertility, you want to know you are doing all you can to help you get pregnant. Download our free infertility checklist to make sure you are implementing fertility friendly strategies as well as looking after your emotional wellbeing

There’s a lot of ‘doing’ when it comes to infertility. When you start trying to conceive and nothing is happening you want to find out why and do everything you can to help.

But where do you start?

Often we start with the common areas of charting, fertility diet, supplements or acupuncture. These are excellent places to start and a fertility-friendly diet and lifestyle can often be enough.

What next? If these areas don’t seem to work you might explore fertility yoga, herbs or how you can reduce toxins in your household and skincare products.

Going through all these options and exploring each of them can become quite stressful and all-consuming. You’re still trying to run your usual life at the same time as implementing wide-sweeping changes across your health.

Unfortunately, in our experience, it’s not ‘one thing’ that makes the difference but a combination of factors that can boost your natural fertility and chances of fertility treatment success.

What about the emotional side?

Here at Your Fertility Hub, we’re all about the emotional side of infertility and we often find women only look into the emotional side of their journey last. We want to change that!

Looking after yourself emotionally not only makes your everyday experience of infertility better and helps you keep motivated and energised enough to make the fertility lifestyle changes you are making BUT it can also really help you conceive.

Studies have shown that women who are taught mind-body techniques can be up to twice as likely to conceive. So there’s real power in looking after the mind AND body.

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If you’d like a laugh, have a look at the ‘I’ve tried it’ infertility checklist too!

*Please note – this is meant as a humorous take on the world of infertility and not a serious checklist of things you need to to to get pregnant *

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Karenna Wood

Karenna Wood

Fertility Coach, Founder of Your Fertility Hub

Karenna Wood is an international fertility coach, founder of Your Fertility Hub and passionate advocate for more emotional support and information for women trying to get pregnant. She’s an expert in mind-body tools and when not blogging, podcasting, coaching or speaking is…fast asleep!