The greatest gift you can give yourself this Christmas – a break from your negative thinking!

Forget the socks, jocks and gift vouchers, all you really want for Christmas is a breakthrough in your fertility journey or at least a break from the relentless pressure of trying to conceive.

It’s time to give yourself that gift! Give yourself a break from all the negative thinking and mind chatter and put yourself fully into the present moment.

How to stop the negative thinking

Whilst we can’t stop all the negative thoughts creeping in, we can make a conscious choice to shut out the usual ones and it all starts with awareness. Start becoming aware of the kind of things you are saying to yourself and if you can, write them down. You can also write down what you were doing or what is happening around the time you are thinking like this. This will start to build up a picture of your common thoughts and any common triggers.

Awareness in itself is very powerful and you might already notice a difference at this stage.

The next step is to try one of these 3 things:

  1. Block out the thought – replace it with another, distract yourself or just say ‘no, I’m not going to let myself think like that’ and bring yourself back to the present moment
  2. Allow yourself 10 minutes of worry / negative thinking a day and park all thoughts until that time
  3. Be your own best friend. In episode 15 of our podcast, we talk about how simply responding to yourself in the same way your best friend would mean you’re a lot kinder to yourself. Imagine your friend is stood in front of you listening to your negative thoughts, what would he or she say to you and now say that to yourself!

Keep doing this process over and over again. It is with repeated action on your thoughts that you can actually change the neural pathways in your brain and soon you will automatically start thinking in a more positive way.

We can’t always choose our situations but we can choose our thoughts!

Why you need to stop the negative thinking to improve your wellbeing and natural fertility

Firstly, it will make you feel an awful lot better and quickly! It’s important to take back control of your thoughts and only you can do this. It’s hard but trust me, it’s worth it!

Secondly, reducing the stress on you and your body transforms your health, hormones and optimises functioning throughout all your systems. Stress can lead to many chronic health conditions and we know that women suffering from stress, depression and anxiety are half as likely to conceive as those that aren’t. So this is really important and by working on some stress-management strategies like this you can actually boost your natural fertility.

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Karenna Wood

Karenna Wood

Fertility Coach, Founder of Your Fertility Hub

Karenna Wood is an international fertility coach, founder of Your Fertility Hub and passionate advocate for more emotional support and information for women trying to get pregnant. She’s an expert in mind-body tools and when not blogging, podcasting, coaching or speaking is…fast asleep!