Just relax!

You might be thinking that trying to relax during infertility is like trying to relax on death row – damn near impossible! But it is possible to feel more relaxed about your fertility situation and you will see some impressive results when you do

It’s not easy, but it is possible.

How to relax is a really individual thing. For some it’s getting lost in a good book, for others, it’s playing a sport or meditating. It doesn’t matter what it is, but you want to find what works for you and build your own personal relaxation toolkit. Draw up a list of what relaxes you and choose at least 3 things to try out regularly for the next month.

Now the important thing is making this a regular part of your routine. Many of the strategies only take a few minutes at a time so time is not an excuse, procrastination is your enemy. This is active relaxation! When you commit to your relaxation practices, it gradually starts to have a carry-over effect. After about 2-3 weeks of regularly putting in relaxation time, you will notice you are feeling more relaxed overall.

Combining relaxation practices, strategies to make your mindset more positive and tools to help you cope is the magic triangle – the recipe for ‘Your Fertility Happy Place’.

What the research tells us about relaxation and fertility

Being in this ‘happy place’ can also enhance your natural fertility. We know from a famous study at Harvard University that when a group of women who had been trying to conceive for on average about 3 years were given mind-body tools, 55% of them conceived within a year (versus 20% without) and that a whopping 42% conceived naturally with no ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies). Many of these women had already been through several rounds of IVF, had varying diagnoses and were typically of advanced age.

Mind-body tools for fertility are proven to be successful in increasing and sometimes doubling the chances of getting pregnant, so relaxation and mind-body tools really could be the missing link you have been searching for to help you conceive. Read more on this here.

To understand more about how to de-stress and relax for fertility and for practical video tutorials, workbooks and audios, check out our revolutionary online course – Your Fertility Stress

Karenna Wood

Karenna Wood

Fertility Coach, Founder of Your Fertility Hub

Karenna Wood is an international fertility coach, founder of Your Fertility Hub and passionate advocate for more emotional support and information for women trying to get pregnant. She’s an expert in mind-body tools and when not blogging, podcasting, coaching or speaking is...fast asleep!