Get back that loving feeling with our top 5 relationship tips during infertility

In this episode, we talk about how relationships can be affected whilst you’re trying to conceive and our top relationship tips during infertility.

Infertility is so hard on your relationships and of course, is hardest on your primary relationship (husband, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend etc). You’re both in this together which makes you a team, a unit – but you’re also individuals who bring their own unique experiences and communication styles to the table.

Often, couples can feel a little disconnected at times when trying to get pregnant. The stress is unbelievable and it impacts on both of you differently and at different times. There can also be conflict over decision making and ethical differences and resentment or guilt due to medical factors. It’s a melting pot of emotions and at times, it’s going to boil over.

In this episode, Karenna talks about how the majority of couples are able to finally reflect positively on their experience saying it made them so much stronger. Also, we talk about how initially infertility can ‘deepen the cracks’ in your relationship (we all have ‘em!) but that it can also result in resolution or healing of some issues that have been present all the way through your relationship.

“Infertility can serve as a crisis which prompts increased resilience, strength and understanding of each other.”

Tune in to hear our top 5 relationship tips during infertility and learn key strategies which can help every day to make you stronger together.

In this episode:

  • Upcoming Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity for kindness
  • The damage infertility can do to relationships
  • How infertility can actually positively impact your relationship
  • How the 5 relationship tips can be used on any important relationship in your life
  • How ‘listening like the wings are on fire’ can transform your communication
  • How resentment and guilt can build during your fertility journey
  • The importance of non-verbal communication

Listening is the loudest form of kindness

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