Mind-Body Tools Workbook



Your mind-body tools for fertility workbook can help you understand the different relaxation and mindset techniques that are proven to support you during infertility.

Mind-body tools are simply a variety of therapeutic techniques which help your body to get into it’s healthiest state just by working with the mind. The mind is incredibly powerful and much underestimated in modern medicine. The huge growth in mind-body and integrative medicine is due to repeatedly positive and successful results in people’s health when the mind and body are worked on together.

In a study by Harvard University, women accessing a mind-body program were over twice as likely to conceive within 12 months as those who didn’t. Of those women that got pregnant, 76% did so naturally (without medical intervention despite their age, number of years trying and diagnoses.” (Journal of Fertility and Sterility, 2000)

This workbook looks at the Top 5 areas of mind-body tools for fertility and helps you work through how you can implement these in your daily life and maximise your chances of conceiving.

With inspiring quotes, simple exercises and our top tips for using mind-body tools to boost your natural fertility, this unique workbook can be used again and again to get on top of the fertility overwhelm and find your peace of fertility calm.

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