IVF Thrive Workbook


Going through fertility treatments like IVF, IUI and ICSI can be fraught with stress. Learn how to unpack and reduce your stressors, cope better and manage the whole process more positively with our unique IVF Thrive Workbook.

In this workbook, you will learn how to help yourself on the emotional side of this crazy journey (arguably the hardest part!). We help you identify:

  • Your true feelings about your fertility treatment
  • How to change your thoughts to be more healthy
  • What resources you need to support you
  • Mentally rehearsing outcomes
  • Ways to boost your relationships
  • Your primary coping mechanisms
  • Personalised ways to find joy and relax as you go through
  • Strategies for the two-week wait (2WW)

With inspiring quotes, simple exercises and our top tips for IVF to boost the success of your treatment, this unique workbook can be used again and again to get on top of the IVF overwhelm and find your peace of fertility calm.

You can now download this for FREE when you join the YOUR FERTILITY TOOLBOX app and also access over 100 MIND+BODY resources specifically for fertility. Find out more and join directly here.

In our specific IVF Thrive section of the app, you can access 8 video guides, our IVF Toolkit, IVF Checklist, 5 meditations specifically tailored to each stage of IVF, downloadable affirmations and screensavers and so much more.

As a VIP member ($19 p/m) you get access to our private community, the whole Toolbox and direct message coaching with Karenna. Members are loving the positive community and amazing support they get so don’t miss out!

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