IVF Coaching – Support Package


Don’t just survive IVF – THRIVE! Dedicated IVF coaching support for every step of your journey plus tailored resources.

Unlock the secrets to living through IVF in a better way and get supported on your journey to becoming a mum with IVF coaching.

Get intensive, dedicated coaching support through your IVF cycle for only $1695

Book your IVF Coaching package with international fertility coach, Karenna Wood, and understand how you can prepare and be in the best place possible for IVF. I will help you to challenge your thinking, be more positive, get unstuck, find yourself again, improve your relationships, de-stress and be ready for every step of your IVF treatment.

Together we can identify any issues and work together to move you towards being healthy in mind and body. Finally, you can feel supported, reconnected with yourself and not alone - I'm here to guide you through your treatment and help you to be stronger, cope better with the ups and downs and just to be there as a knowledgeable guide.

What clients say:

"Having Karenna to discuss the difficulty involved at every stage and knowing that she understood and knew just what to say was invaluable. Knowing I had her support made an enormous difference as this process was incredibly lonely and alienating. Few people can relate or truly understand." Louise

"I worked with Karenna through my 2nd and 3rd IVF cycles, a miscarriage and the early stages of my recently successful pregnancy. She helped prop me up and give me the tools to get through it all. Karenna provides an invaluable service to women going through some of the toughest days of their lives. She offers a wonderful support and seems to be able to easily pick apart a problem and help you work through a solution. I cannot recommend the service you provide enough.” Rachael,

For $1695 USD you will receive:

  • 3 months of dedicated fertility coaching support
  • A full fertility assessment before the first call
  • A 2-hour intensive breakthrough call
  • A personalised goal script, affirmations and action plan following the first session
  • Personalised meditation audio specifically tailored to you for you to listen to and keep up the focus and positivity in between calls
  • 4 x 45-minute follow up calls scheduled throughout your cycle to prepare for each stage and evaluate next steps
  • Intensive 2WW support
  • Email or direct message support throughout and afterwards (90 days total)
  • 3 months VIP access to the Your Fertility Toolbox app for daily inspiration, access to a private community and over 100 MIND+BODY resources including all my IVF meditations, workbook, videos and support resources
  • Pregnancy support if you fall pregnant through your cycle. As a fully-qualified antenatal and HypnoBirthing teacher, I'm here to guide through your whole journey to parenthood and to help especially with any anxiety or decision-making in early pregnancy

Over 10 years, I've supported over 1500 women worldwide struggling through infertility to find a better way.

You're not alone, so don't go it alone - get supported today!

With each IVF cycle costing up to $20,000, prime yourself to be in the best place possible to conceive with intensive MIND+BODY support and resources.

Once purchased, we will be in touch within 48 hours to book in your first call and arrange the pre-session assessment.


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