IVF and IUI Fertility Meditations


Don't just just survive your fertility treatments, Thrive through them! Use our specific meditations for each stage of your IVF or IUI journey to help you relax and improve your chances of conceiving through the power of the mind-body connection.

Going through IVF and IUI can be stressful and it’s important to find ways to reduce stress. Repeatedly listening to meditations is a proven way to make some dedicated space in your day for relaxation and each day it build you up to feel stronger, more prepared and in control of your body and journey.

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In this program, you download meditations for each stage of the journey. Each meditation guides you to visualise the processes happening in your body and in doing so improves your body’s ability at each stage.

I’m sure you’re doing all you can for you body and now you can do all you can for your mind as well. Feed your mind with positivity, confidence and exactly the right messages for each stage of IVF and IUI.

“One study from Israel showed a doubling of the IVF success rate when women listened to a specific meditation at embryo transfer!”

List of IVF and IUI Meditations:

  • Preparing for IVF or IUI
  • Ovarian Stimulation
  • Post egg retrieval
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Implantation
  • The Two Week Wait Mindset - 2WW
  • Waiting Room meditation

Specific details of each meditation:

The meditations start by preparing your mind for your treatment. This can also be used during down regulation to keep calm and minimise any side effects.

During the stimulation or stims phase, this meditation helps you visualise the medication stimulating your ovaries to just the right amount. After egg collection, this specific meditation helps you release any excess meditation and prepare for transfer.

The powerful embryo transfer track is for you to listen to in the days leading up to and at the time of transfer helping you relax and promoting stillness which combined with our unique ‘implantation’ meditation can help you visualise successful implantation of your embryo/s.

The Two Week Wait (2WW) meditation helps you keep calm, positive and ‘sane’ during the waiting period.

The bonus waiting room meditation is for you to listen to whilst waiting for your appointments to help you reduce anxiety and tune out all the noise of the clinic or doctor’s office.

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