Fertility Affirmation Cards DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Navy Floral Collection



Digital Download, Card, Paper

A selection of 30 thoughtfully designed fertility affirmation cards featuring blush and navy watercolours, floral outlines and brushes of gold. This collection is perfect for helping to create a healthy and positive mindset for those trying to conceive.

These cards are designed to fit 5inch x 7inch card, perfect to place in a picture frame, for social media posts or as a personal keepsake.

• 1 x 30 Page PDF (17MB) with each card on a 5inch x 7inch page to print or use digitally

• Today I need you to….
• IVF got this!
• I believe in my body and my ability to have a child
• My hormones are perfectly balanced
• My eggs are healthy
• I am so excited for all the good things to come
• I am not defined by my fertility
• My thoughts don’t control me. I do
• We will become parents
• Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt
• My body knows how to conceive a healthy baby
• I choose positive thoughts
• I am present in the now
• I am positive, patient and persistent
• I release the past
• My cycle is perfectly balanced
• Everything is happening at exactly the right time
• All is well
• I have faith in my dreams becoming real
• It only takes one
• Already in my heart, one day in my arms
• Today I’m putting me first
• Mind healthy = body healthy
• Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life
• I will not obsess over things I can’t control
• I trust my baby to arrive at the perfect time
• I deserve a baby. I am worthy of a child
• I release my fears about age and time
• I am grateful for all the good things in my life right now
• I choose a healthy lifestyle that enhances my fertility

* Colours may vary depending on the printer and/or printing service * This is a digital file, no physical item will be shipped

* For Personal Use ONLY
* NOT to be shared, forwarded or redistributed in any capacity
* NOT for resale
* Unlimited amount of copies can be made


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