Hear Poppy’s fertility story about male-factor infertility and the effect of stress on her journey

In this episode, we talk to Poppy about her 3-year fertility journey and how currently she is taking time off work to reduce the anxiety and stress caused by infertility.

Poppy and her husband were diagnosed with male-factor infertility fairly early in their journey, however struggled to get a solution other than being put on the waiting list for fertility treatment.

Poppy shares how her acupuncturist suggested a possible ureaplasma infection and through this helpful prompt, they were able to correctly diagnose and treat this and also have surgery for a varicocele. She also discusses her frustration with the system pushing them straight to fertility treatment without looking at the potential causes behind the male-factor issues.

Stress has been a major factor in the journey for Poppy and she finally sought help last summer by reaching out to her doctor to say ‘I’m not coping’. Interestingly her doctor has herself gone through infertility and said that not acknowledging the stress was one of her biggest regrets.

“Infertility is a breeding ground for miscommunication”

After taking some time off and delving into some relationship and support tools to help improve the communication between Poppy and her husband, Poppy opens up about what has worked for her and what she still needs now.

From 40 minutes onwards, Karenna coaches Poppy through some ideas of how she can improve her mindset and reduce her anxiety and negative thinking so make sure you stay tuned for this inspiring and thought-provoking part of the podcast.

You can also read Poppy’s story in the Your Fertility Stories section of Your Fertility Hub

In this episode:

  • Hear Poppy’s fertility story
  • How their male-factor issues weren’t correctly investigated causing delays
  • How stress and anxiety has affected Poppy
  • The relationship tool Poppy used to completely turn around the ‘miscommunication’ between herself and her husband
  • Plans for IVF soon
  • From 40 minutes onwards, Karenna coaches Poppy and inspires her with some ideas for how she can improve her mental and emotional health during infertility

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