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Podcast episodes

EP1 – The emotional side of fertility

Introducing the podcast and the mission behind Your Fertility Hub – Why the emotional side of fertility is so important and what the research tells us about the success of mind-body tools for fertility.

EP2 – Stress and fertility

Answering the big questions around stress and fertility – Does stress cause fertility, how stress affects fertility and how you can reduce your fertility stress. Tune in to learn some specific stress-reduction strategies and tips on relaxation

EP3 – Relaxation and Fertility (FREE guided meditation)

Just as stress can negatively affect your fertility, relaxation has the opposite effect and can boost your natural fertility. Listen to hear what relaxation tools might be right for you and a FREE guided meditation specific to fertility

EP4 – Interview with Priya

The first in our series of inspiring stories where we interview women who are going through or have gone through infertility and delve into the emotional side. Learn how Priya took the reins of her fertility journey to get her babies!

EP5 – 3 quick techniques for calming

Tune in to learn about 3 quick, easy-to-use techniques for fertility calm. Finding peace of mind on a fertility journey is tough, so use these 3 self-help tools to declutter your mind and feel calm

EP6 – Worrying (special offer included)

In this episode, we talk all about the massive topic of worrying and how to change your worry habit using 3 top strategies. Podcast listeners also get a 50% off discount code for the Your Fertility Worries course

EP7 – Shiree’s Fertility Journey so far

In this episode, we chat to Shiree and learn about her 8-year TTC battle, how she’s managed her severe endometriosis, her egg donation experiences and the upcoming decisions she’s facing.

EP8 – Gratitude and Fertility

It’s hard to feel grateful when you’re trying to conceive so it’s ok to be a sceptic before you listen in! In episode 8, you can learn how introducing a daily gratitude practice can genuinely transform how you feel every day.

EP9 – Saying no! whilst TTC

Listen in to get your guilt-free pass to saying no to that baby shower, family party or work trip. We talk about how it’s completely ok to say no to things that don’t support your wellbeing, some ways you can say no and somethings you need to say ‘YES’ to!

EP10 – Interview with Sue about her 10-year fertility journey

Meet Sue and hear about her huge 10-year fertility journey and how she finally resolved it and has now gone on to support other women TTC by running her own fertility support group and campaigning in Washington for legislative change.

EP11 – Finding ways to remember babies lost through miscarriage or late-term baby loss

Hear why it’s so important to find your own unique way to mark or remember your lost little ones and 5 ideas of how you can do this. Tune in to find out how important this can be for your fertility journey. 

EP12 – Don’t just survive the holidays, thrive through them!

The holiday season can be really stressful whilst TTC. Listen in to episode 12 to hear three top tips for a more positive holiday and how you really can thrive through them and not just survive!

EP13 – Interview with breathing expert Emma Ferris

Meet Emma and learn about the powerful effect breathing can have on your body and health and how learning good breathing habits can boost your natural fertility hormones

EP14 – You’re more than just a number at your fertility clinic or doctor

Unfortunately, many couples feel like they’re just on the fertility treadmill at the clinic and don’t feel like they’re getting personalised care. In this episode, we talk about how this might feel and what you can do about it.

EP15 – Changing your negative thought patterns to boost your natural fertility

Negative thinking can be one of the biggest challenges during infertility. In this episode, we use one simple technique to help you change your thinking to be more positive – being your own best friend

EP16 – Goal Setting during infertility

You might not feel like you are able to set goals whilst TTC, but in this new year episode we talk about how you can and MUST do this to support yourself and help you feel back in the driving seat of your fertility and life.  

EP17 – Finding direction on your fertility journey (Free meditation)

Sometimes the answers you’re looking for are already within, but you just don’t know it yet or can’t seem to grasp the answers properly. Tune into this special podcast episode featuring a free meditation where you can meet your inner guide and get some answers for your journey.

EP18 – Top relationship tips during infertility

Infertility can play havoc with your relationships. In this episode, we talk about how infertility can strengthen your relationships and our top tips for communication and intimacy during infertility. 

EP19 – Poppy’s emotional fertility journey and relationship saver

Tune in to hear from Poppy on how she has managed and struggled through infertility, finally taking 2 months off work. She talks in detail about the thing that really saved her relationship during all this stress and at the end get into some actual fertility coaching to help Poppy move forward.

EP20 – Faith & Fertility. Interview with Caroline from In Due Time

You are going to love meeting Caroline in this episode! Caroline is an infertility blogger who’s faith has supported her through her own 6-year battle with infertility and has led her to now inspire and support thousands of other women worldwide.

EP21 – Mindfulness: The secret weapon for your fertility

Mindfulness can be incredibly beneficial in supporting women through infertility and is now proven to increase pregnancy rates and IVF success rates. Listen in to find out why, the benefits you can expect and how to make a start

EP22 – A holistic approach to recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy loss

We interview Dr Lora Shahine to learn some tips and recommendations from both eastern and western approaches to recurrent miscarriage

EP23 – Managing emotions during IVF

Too many women go through IVF feeling alone, stressed and unsupported. We want to change that! Listen to our top tips to support yourself emotionally and manage the stress of fertility treatments

EP24 – A quick guide to your fertility diet

We interview Charlotte from ‘The Fertility Kitchen’ for her tips on the ideal diet to boost your natural fertility and how she thrived through her successful IVF cycles when implementing these diet principles

EP25 – Exercise and Fertility

It can be really confusing during infertility and particularly treatments as there is conflicting advice about exercise. We interview Tedi from Running with Infertility for her views on the topic

EP26 – Jealousy during infertility

The green-eyed monster often rears its head on a fertility journey. Learn how to cope with and reduce jealous feelings during infertility with our top tips and links.

EP27 – What’s your fertility formula?

Find out more about what your cycle is telling you and how you can make small changes to improve your natural fertility from expert Kirsten Karchmer from Conceivable

EP28 – Your Fertility Mindset

 Listen in for some tips to help support a healthy, positive mindset during infertility from mindset coach, Sam Hearne and hear about her own fertility journey too.

EP29 – Integrated Fertility Care

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to fertility care. Often an integrative approach can help women get pregnant. Learn more from leading expert, Dr Victoria Maizes.

EP30 – Keeping motivated on your fertility journey

How do you keep going when it feels like you’re never going to get pregnant?! Hear our expert tips for keeping motivated on your fertility journey.

EP31 – Factors affecting your fertility

There are often multiple factors that could be affecting your fertility. Learn more about these in our interview with natural fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa

EP32 – Secondary Infertility Story

Listen to our raw interview with Jon and Shannon about their journey through secondary infertility, miscarriages and learning the value of listening to each other

EP33 – Keeping positive during infertility

Learn how you can be more positive during infertility from positive psychology coach, Mel Deague.

EP34 – Talking menstrual cycles and infertility

We talk menstrual cycles, the impact of stress, declining sperm rates and how tracking your cycles is like a window into your overall health.

EP35 – Erin’s lessons learned through infertility 

Listen to this in-depth fertility story from 6x IVF survivor, Erin McDaniel, and hear what she learnt on her journey and how her tips can help you.

E36 – Fertility Affirmations

Learn about the power of fertility affirmations and listen to Devan’s 4-year infertility journey and how she uses fertility affirmations to support her positive mindset.

EP37 – Bianca’s strategies for surviving infertility and surrogacy

Hear about Bianca’s 13-year infertility journey, what helped her survive, what she tried and how international surrogacy was finally the answer to creating her family.

EP38 – Managing Work & Infertility

We chat to HR expert and IVF survivor, Bonnie, about her own fertility struggles and her professional advice for how to manage work and infertility.

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