In this first-ever episode of the Your Fertility Hub podcast, we introduce what the podcast is all about – the emotional side of infertility and discuss the massive impact of emotions on our bodies, how this can affect our fertility and how we can harness the power of mind-body tools to boost your natural fertility.

Learn how successful working with mind-body tools can be for fertility, the latest research in this area and how you too can use them to help you get pregnant.

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In this episode

  • A little about your host – fertility coach Karenna Wood
  • Why the emotional side of infertility is so important
  • How working with the emotional side can dramatically increase your chances of getting pregnant
  • Why we call infertility the ‘silent heartbreak’
  • Research studies linking mind-body tools and increased pregnancy and IVF success rates
  • How tuning into this area can transform not just your fertility but your whole life

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