In this episode, you get your guilt-free pass to saying no to things!

  • That baby shower – No!
  • A family party with the inevitable questions? No!
  • A work thing that could be good for you but is going to cause so much stress? No!

We talk about the importance of putting yourself first and feeling able to say no to things that won’t support your wellbeing right now. Infertility has such an impact on your whole life and some things need to give – and we don’t want that to be you! We touch on different ways you can say no, from being honest to even telling a little white lie (yes I did say that!) We also discuss how sometimes saying no can become a habit and in those cases where you’re hiding at home on a continual basis that you may need to push yourself out of your ‘fertility comfort zone’ and head out. Only you know what things bring you joy and boost your wellbeing, even if you may not feel like it initially, so choose one or two of those things and say ‘YES’ to those and ‘NO’ to anything that will cause you any additional stress and distress.

In this episode:


  • Why you should be saying no to some things right now
  • What sort of things to say no to
  • Different ways you can say no
  • Things you should say YES to
  • Your guilt-free pass for all baby showers and the holiday season!


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