Episode 7 is the second in our series of inspiring stories – interviews with women focusing on the emotional side of their journeys. In these interviews, we delve in deep into each fertility story and the emotions, thoughts and fears that go alongside infertility. You can read more inspiring stories from women from all over the world here

In this special interview, we chat to Shiree who has been trying to conceive for over 8 years. Her fertility journey has included many twists and turns, multiple transfers and IVFs, egg donors and investigations into surrogacy, fostering and adoption.

Shiree talks about her severe stage 4 endometriosis and the difficulty of the right treatment and right drugs. She also discusses the difference in approaches from various doctors, hospitals and clinics and what she wishes she’d known at the start.

Later on in her journey, we hear about Shiree’s heartbreaking experiences using egg donors and how surrogacy, fostering and adoption are all options on the table right now. Tune into to hear the steps she has taken recently to improve her health and well-being, the new ideas she is looking into to maximise her chances of having a child and the difficult decisions over their last embryo on ice.

In this episode:

  • The second in our series of Inspiring Stories
  • Hear Shiree’s story of how here severe endometriosis has affected her
  • How she has coped over her 8-year journey
  • How being a nurse has influenced her
  • What fertility treatments she has undergone
  • How she has approached using egg donors and the agony and benefits of the long mandatory counselling processes
  • The kindness of friends and family throughout
  • Their investigations into surrogacy, fostering and adoption
  • How she is now looking overseas, seeing a holistic GP and taking charge of her overall health and wellbeing to boost her chances of conceiving
  • The tough decision she faces about their last embryo currently on ice

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