Podcast 56 - Dealing with pregnancy announcements during infertility

Listen in for some practical strategies to help you deal with pregnancy announcements during infertility and how to set boundaries with friends and family.

Pregnancy announcements can be so debilitating when you’re trying to conceive. It feels like everyone around you is getting pregnant (easily!) and you are the only one.

They can send you spiralling into days of sadness and tears and worst of all they can be sprung on you at any moment seemingly from all directions.

It’s time to take back control. Yes, we can’t control others getting pregnant but we can set some boundaries, learn more compassion for ourselves and use some mindset tools to help cope in a better way.

Listen in as Karenna chats you through her top tips to help you deal with pregnancy announcements during infertility or read our blog on the topic too!

In this episode:

  • Setting boundaries
  • Developing a ‘how to tell me’ plan
  • The pain of avoiding friends and social situations
  • Validating your feelings
  • Being compassionate with yourself and others
  • Practical tools to help you cope better

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