Your Fertility Hub Podcast - EP54 - Coping with the lack of control during infertility

How do you cope with feeling so out of control during infertility? Listen in for some tips on managing emotions, coping better and finding ways to feel positive amongst the chaos of infertility (and COVID!)

Infertility = a total lack of control!

It can often be the first time you’ve felt in a complete tailspin but how do you cope. In this episode, we talk through some top tips for coping better with the feelings of lack of control.

Karenna talks through alternative ways you can find solidity and security, dealing with overwhelm, the power of movement, mindfulness and gratitude and lastly why relinquishing some control can be good for the soul!

Karenna shares a story of one VIP member in the Toolbox (our amazing emotional support and wellbeing app) where she went through an IVF cycle doing all the right things – she gave up foods, she took the right supplements, didn’t over-exercise etc and she still got a negative. Afterwards, she felt so out of control – like nothing she did could impact the result.

After joining the Toolbox and learning some practical tools through our unique IVF Thrive materials – she experienced her next cycle very differently. She focused on life outside IVF, enjoyment and nurturing herself and relationships and guess what – this cycle was successful.

Learning to live differently is key. Listen in for tips on how you can live differently through infertility and how this can help you find your way out!

In this episode:

  • How to cope with the lack of control during infertility
  • The importance of validating what you feel
  • Dealing with overwhelm
  • Relinquishing some control
  • Finding solace in others
  • The power of mindfulness, gratitude and movement
  • A story of hope when control was relinquished

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