Podcast EP52 - Wellbeing DURING infertility

“You’re not fine!” – so stop telling yourself that and accept that wellbeing DURING infertility is vital. Find out how you can live better through infertility.

It’s time to focus on you.

You’re hurting, you’re sad, you’re suffering- You’re not ok!

Your focus is purely on ‘baby’ but what about you?

We talk about how it’s hard to accept that you need to look after yourself during infertility, that wellbeing DURING infertility is so important.

Not only can it help you reach your goal (check out all the research listed on our website!) but it helps make the journey better and that’s important too.

Tune in and get inspired to take action to improve how you journey through infertility and change your reality NOW even whilst TTC.

In this episode:

  • Karenna gets real about why we can’t accept we need emotional support
  • “You’re not fine”
  • The hurt, the suffering, the pain – but you keep going
  • How you can have big shifts in how you feel NOW even whilst trying to conceive
  • Call to arms – take one action today for YOU

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Your Fertility Toolbox – Free resources, tools and exclusive community for emotional support during infertility – https://yourfertilityhub.com/join-toolbox/

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