Podcast 51 - Miscarriage Support with Sam Payne from Pink Elephants

Hear Sam’s heartbreaking and raw account of her journey through miscarriage and how she is now championing for more miscarriage support through Pink Elephants.

Every tale of miscarriage is unique. But what is sadly the same throughout most stories is the lack of miscarriage support.

Sam and the team at Pink Elephants are on a mission to change that!

Following her own experience of feeling alone, confused and traumatised by her miscarriages, Sam co-founded and runs the wonderful Pink Elephants support organisation which focuses purely on miscarriage support – peer support, research, online resources, events, lobbying and so many more things on her list.

In this podcast episode, we chat to Sam about her miscarriage experiences, the emotions that follow and how she is determined to change the narrative around miscarriage to improve the experience for the 1 in 4 women who will go through this.

Hear how she opens up about her very recent miscarriage and actually following this interview took a month off work – finally recognising she needed some time to heal and recover in order to be able to help others.

Karenna shares about the new partnership between Your Fertility Hub and Pink Elephants which strives to provide more specific miscarriage support for those going through infertility and how some of the amazing Pink Elephants resources are now available in the Your Fertility Toolbox app.

In this episode:

  • How important miscarriage support is
  • Sam’s personal journey through miscarriage
  • Why the current system of miscarriage support is either non-existent or not working
  • How we can change the narrative around miscarriage
  • Why we shouldn’t wait 12 weeks to announce our pregnancies
  • The big plans for Pink Elephants

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