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Accessing emotional support during infertility is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and to help people on their journey to getting pregnant, so why doesn’t everyone know this?!

In today’s podcast, I’m getting pretty honest and I open about how I feel we’re just not valuing emotional support enough on an individual level and within the fertility industry. In my view, emotional support should be a core component of anyone’s fertility journey – everyone should have access to support and ways to make them feel better.

So I’m calling it and starting ‘a caring revolution’ where we place value on the emotional side of going through infertility. Listen in to find out more!

In this episode:

  • Celebrating Episode 50
  • How I wept and shouted ‘Why the **** doesn’t everyone know this?’ before I started Your Fertility Hub
  • We’ve come far, but no where near far enough
  • Women aren’t valuing the role of their emotions and emotional wellbeing on an individual level
  • As an industry and society, we’re not valuing the major impact emotional support can have on anyone going through infertility
  • The caring revolution starts now!

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