Podcast Episode 47 - Dr Domar - the impact of mind body programs on infertility patients

Dr Ali Domar is a world-renowned Harvard scientist and scholar who has devoted her career to helping couples live through infertility in a better way and ‘lots of pregnancies are the happy result’ she says.

In this episode, we find out what mind and body mean, how it can help you get pregnant and hear many stories about couples who’ve conceived despite all the odds after going through her mind-body programs for infertility.

We chat to her about how she started out in this field and how over the years she has created a wealth of experience and scientific studies into the impact of mind-body programs on infertility patients.

Dr Domar was fundamental in setting up the Domar Centre for Mind-Body Health and is the director of Mind-Body programs at Boston IVF.

We delve into what ‘mind-body programs for infertility’ comprise, what makes them successful and how you can apply some of these techniques in your own lives.

We talk about the complex relationship between stress and infertility and why relaxation is a central component of the mind-body programs for infertility patients.

Dr Domar shares the complexities of natural pregnancy and IVF success rates but how over the years, her research has consistently demonstrated a doubling of these rates when mind-body programs are employed.

Together we champion how everyone going through infertility should have access to these programs and how clinics should be taking their part in offering these.

Karenna also alludes to the new digital program she is launching soon – Your Fertility Toolbox – which is based on the excellent work and studies Dr Domar has undertaken over the last 30 years.

In this episode:

  • Dr Domar – how she started out working in infertility
  • How the mind body program was born (from women uncontrollably crying when she told them they couldn’t participate in her study)
  • What she has learned about the mind body connection and how this impacts pregnancy rates
  • Stories from women and couples who have gone through the mind body programs for infertility patients in Boston
  • The future of mind body programs – the apps she developed (Ferti Calm and Ferti Strong) and the new Your Fertility Toolbox app being launched by Your Fertility Hub

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