In this episode, we chat to Tara about her incredible fertility journey and how she never gave up hope despite everything telling her to stop.

Tara’s journey began like many others – trying from month to month with no success. Finally a positive pregnancy test but then miscarriage shattered their hopes. 

Living in a rural town in North Dakota, they kept quiet about their silent heartbreak and progressed through more appointments and rounds of IUIs. Each failure adding to their sadness and the mileage on their car with doctors being over 2 hours drive away. 

Everything seemed to be going against them. As a nurse herself, Tara was only too well what the numbers meant. Sometimes being a medical practitioner going through infertility can be an advantage – you can interpret your results, you know the right people and you can anticipate the next steps. However, sometimes this increased knowledge can go against you emotionally.

In the end, they decided to take a break which coincided with a fabulous career opportunity for Tara – a fellowship in Washington (which would prove really helpful later on…!)

The break really helped and renewed they progressed and their Everlasting Hope paid off – they conceived a healthy baby boy. 

We chat about the drama of a placental rupture at 32 weeks, an emergency caesarean and how she felt during this pregnancy after the 3 years of infertility. 

Infertility never really left Tara and inspired by the need for more local fertility support and information she put forward a bill in Washington and formed the not-for-profit ‘Everlasting Hope’. 

Everlasting Hope was created to reach out to the general community in support of North Dakota infertility patients. Everlasting Hope strives to provide assistance to patients who must pay out-of-pocket for prescribed medical care and to raise awareness that that Infertility is a treatable medical condition and that the community as a whole benefit when these patients have access to medical care.

Finally, we chat together about how we wish that emotional support was woven into every couple’s fertility journey and how Your Fertility Hub is on a mission to make that happen.

Karenna asks all listeners to join the FREE Fertility Toolbox so they are the first to hear about the upcoming launch of our new emotional support programs aiming to address this need. 

In this episode:

  • The shock of miscarriage
  • Failed IUIs
  • Being a nurse suffering from infertility
  • The extra stress of rural infertility and travelling to appointments
  • Taking a break from all the fertility stuff
  • Eventually conceiving a healthy baby boy
  • Inspired by her fertility journey she created Everlasting Hope

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