In this episode, international fertility coach Karenna Wood discusses 8 coping strategies for infertility.



Right now the world is trying to cope with the pressures of Coronavirus and life in isolation. The pandemic is really taking its toll on people’s mental health.

Just as this crisis puts the spotlight on emotional wellbeing, this episode sheds light on the importance of looking after your mental health during infertility and especially during the pandemic, which has caused added extra stress and worry.

In this episode, Karenna draws on her experience as an international fertility coach and expert in positive psychology and therapy for infertility, to bring you 8 coping strategies for infertility. 

She discusses the goal of ‘healthy coping’ – not just managing or keeping a lid on it and how building up your resilience can have wide-ranging effects on your emotional wellbeing and can actually impact your fertility too.

“When you’re stronger, you’re better able to think clearly and affect change in your environment so how we feel impacts our actions. Studies show that optimists actually function better than pessimists.”

Karenna discusses the important role optimism can play in coping better and how you can and should feel optimistic about your chances of conceiving despite setbacks and disappointments to date.

Tune in to hear top ways you can build your resilience and keep fighting your infertility!

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In this episode:

  • Why we need coping strategies now more than ever amidst the pandemic
  • Why coping better is important
  • What is ‘healthy coping’
  • The role of optimism in building resilience
  • How optimism can help you function better and problem solve
  • Activities you can do to help you cope better and feel more positive whilst TTC

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