In this heart-breaking interview, we delve into Paige’s IVF journey and learn how for her, the anxiety didn’t stop at the 2 pink lines

Listening to Paige talk about her IVF journey is like opening a door to a world so many couples are going through behind the scenes.

She kindly walks us through every step of her journey, how it felt, how she coped and how difficult she found managing other people (more so than the negative pregnancy results!)

Touching on miscarriage and feelings of loss, the interview also continues into Paige’s pregnancy as for her she couldn’t quite believe the pregnancy after all the trauma of infertility. She opens up about how she felt in complete denial right up until the birth of her twins.

Finally, we chat about how Paige and her friend Lauren have started ‘Kindly & Co’ to help people show compassion and love for others, including specific cards and gifts for women TTC.

In this episode:

  • Paige’s heartbreaking infertility story
  • IVF – the ups and downs
  • The difficulties of managing other people
  • Pregnancy Anxiety
  • Life on the other side of infertility

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