In this new year’s episode, we talk about how to reset your thinking to be more positive and healthy, including forgiving yourself and others – so let’s refresh your thinking about your infertility!

Most women going through infertility aren’t very kind to themselves – they spend hours in their own heads being really mean – thinking things like: “I’m never going to pregnant” and “everyone around me is getting pregnant, it will never be my turn.”

This is creating a reality of sadness, anger, jealousy and loads of other emotions and making every day living – absolute hell!

It’s possible to think differently. It takes work and regular practice but you can think more positively, even when you’re not pregnant yet or your situation hasn’t changed. In this episode, we tell you how.

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How to refresh your thinking about your infertility:

1. Awareness – everything always starts by identifying what thoughts aren’t healthy for you – what thoughts are causing you stress and sadness. The best way to do this can be journaling your thoughts. Writing them out each day and then you can start to identify common thoughts. Soon you will become aware of them all the time and note when you are triggered to think that way. You’re also encouraged to add a small gratitude practice when journaling – just think of 3 things that day you are grateful for. Start small and build up

2. Forgiveness – Some of our negative thinking comes from build-up resentment towards ourselves or others so we talk about ways to forgive. We talk about writing a letter to someone in your life you’re feeling angry towards, waiting 3 days and deciding if you wish to send it, edit it or throw it away. You may also need to forgive yourself for some things.

3. Choose your thinking – ask yourself what you would like to be thinking about instead of those negative thoughts.

4. Get support – it’s hard to do this alone so talk it out with a loved one or find external support like a therapist of fertility coach

In this episode:

  • Find out how you can press refresh on your fertility thinking
  • Identifying negative and unhealthy thoughts
  • Forgiveness
  • ‘Instead thinking’
  • Who to turn to for support

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