In this episode, we delve into your fertility story. What’s the real story you are telling yourself? We find out if it’s helping you or hindering you on your journey.

You know your story off by heart – X years TTC, number of months disappointed, number of cycles, FSH, AMH, Number of Day 5 blastocysts etc. You could repeat the facts in your sleep.

That’s not the real story though. What’s your real fertility story? The one you tell yourself late at night and in those moments you allow your mind to worry over and over.

Quite different eh?!

Examples of real fertility stories:

  • It’s my fault we’re struggling to get pregnant, my partner should just leave me and find someone who can give him a family
  • I don’t deserve to get pregnant
  • It will never happen for us
  • My sister struggled to conceive, it took them 8 years. It will take us the same or longer

In this episode, we give examples of real fertility stories and illuminate how unhealthy this internal dialogue can sometimes be.

We talk about how our stories are just that – an interpretation of events and experiences and in impermanent state of mind. We discuss how they can be very subjective – for example, your partner could view your fertility journey completely differently to you. Finally, we talk about how these stories can be changed and what strategies you can use to become aware of your real story and move forward to a more positive one.

Steps to help change your story:

  1. Awareness – start journaling your thoughts and look for patterns or where you seem to get stuck. Listen to what you’re saying to yourself on the inside that might differ from what’s actually happening on the outside
  2. Get critical – it’s time to challenge your story. Remember it’s just a state of mind and you can change it. Every time you hear something you don’t like or is just a thought that will make you unhappy – challenge it!
  3. Mindfulness and Meditation – once you become aware of your thoughts around your story, go deep within to really analyse these and find some peace in the present moment. Connect with what’s happening in your life right now – not projecting forward or going over old ground

In this episode:

  • Find out the real story you are telling yourself
  • Understand the difference between the story you are telling others and the stories you are likely telling yourself
  • Listen to examples of real fertility stories
  • Learn the steps to overcome any negative stories

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