Episode 4 is the first in our series of inspiring stories – interviews with women focusing on the emotional side of their journeys. In these interviews, we delve deeply into each fertility story and the emotions, thoughts and fears that go alongside infertility. You can read Priya’s story here and more inspiring stories from women from all over the world here

In this special interview, we chat to Priya who endured a long fertility journey with multiple treatments & multiple failures and yet still found the resolve and courage to reach out for a second opinion. We learn how she took charge of her own journey and found some new approaches, which ultimately gave her her babies. We also touch on the beautiful moment she found peace with everything that had happened and what she has learned from her years of infertility.

In this episode:

  • The first in our series of Inspiring Stories
  • Hear Priya’s story of how she navigated infertility
  • How at every step she thought she would still get pregnant naturally
  • How she coped and eventually the steps she took that transformed her journey
  • After successfully conceiving and birthing her first baby, how she approached her fertility the second time around
  • The pressure of the last genetically-tested embryo and how she made sure she was giving that little embryo it’s best chance of survival
  • Where she is now and how she has brought the lessons she learned during years of infertility into motherhood

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