In this episode, we open up about the complex feelings of guilt during infertility and discuss what is healthy and what is unhealthy guilt.

There are so many areas that could be causing guilt on a fertility journey but we don’t often talk about it. We feel guilty about feeling guilty! We shut away our feelings but they re-surface daily or are triggered by events and others.

Infertility is a minefield of guilt with so many factors coming into play and it’s hard to find your way through and to know what is real and what could be irrational.

In this podcast episode, we discuss the common areas that cause guilt during infertility such as guilt over jealous feelings, guilt over resentment or anger towards a partner, guilt over not being able to provide a sibling for an only child, guilt over not starting trying sooner or guilt for all the money spent on fertility treatment. It’s endless and highly complex.

We then discuss whether this guilt is unhealthy or healthy and what purpose guilt serves before finally presenting some strategies to help alleviate guilt such as changing habits/situations, using affirmations or meditations to change your thinking or communicating assertively with friends or family.

In this episode:

• Common factors causing guilt during infertility
• Unhealthy v healthy guilt
• The purpose of guilt
• How to process guilty feelings
• Strategies to move forward from guilt
• 5 free affirmations to help reduce guilt

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