We chat to HR expert and IVF survivor, Bonnie, about her own fertility struggles and her professional advice for how to manage work and infertility.

Work can often be a double-edged sword during infertility. It can be a great source of personal satisfaction, a distraction and an area where you can still be in the driver’s seat. However, it can also clash with your journey causing a lot of stress, guilt and lack of flexibility.

In this interesting podcast interview, we talk to Bonnie who is an HR specialist and has also been going through her own fertility journey. Bonnie shares the ups and downs of her infertility journey, how she managed her work relationships and the outcome of her recent IVF cycle.

Bonnie talks about how important the specific IVF fertility meditations have been for her during her cycle and what other support she has received which has been vital to her emotional wellbeing.

She also shares her advice for others when talking to their boss, dealing with their colleagues, what they can expect from their Human Resources (HR) departments and how to access counselling and other services through Employee Assistance Programs.

In this episode:

  • Bonnie’s fertility story
  • How IVF meditations were crucial for her IVF cycle
  • Advice from an HR consultant about how to manage work and infertility
  • Managing your relationship with your boss
  • Colleague relationships during infertility
  • What you can expect from your HR department
  • Employee Assistance Programs offering counselling and other confidential support
  • The results of her first IVF cycle

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