Hear about Bianca’s 13-year infertility journey, what helped her survive, what she tried and how international surrogacy was finally the answer to creating her family.

Bianca’s 13-year battle with infertility taught her so much. In this in-depth podcast interview she shares how she tried everything in her powers to conceive a child naturally including 8 failed IVF cycles, MTHFR testing, endo scratch, various drugs and natural therapies as well as using donor eggs.

Her heartbreaking story finally comes to an end after a successful surrogacy pregnancy with twins in Ukraine. We chat about the difficulties of international surrogacy and Bianca shares how she has now written down all she learnt about both IVF and international surrogacy in Ukraine in two detailed guidebooks (links below).

Bianca also opens up about how she was plagued with depression at times and how she worked hard to keep it at bay.

In this episode:

  • Bianca’s 13-year infertility battle
  • What she tried along the way
  • How their search took them international
  • The difficulties of international surrogacy
  • Surrogacy success in Ukraine
  • How the lessons learned during infertility now translate into parenting

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Links mentioned in the podcast:

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