Listen to this in-depth fertility story from 6x IVF survivor, Erin McDaniel, and hear what she learnt on her journey and how her tips can help you.

Erin learned so much through her fertility journey and in this great interview she shares with you all she learned and wish she’d known.

We talk through how she initially went into infertility very passively. It all felt so unexpected and she wasn’t accepting this was her path. Gradually as she moved from timed intercourse to IUIs to IVF she became more knowledgeable and empowered.

Erin and her husband suffered many setbacks and sadly a miscarriage and chemical pregnancy along the way.

Following a break after their second IVF cycle, Erin decided to build herself a support team – starting with a fertility acupuncturist and finally opening up to family and friends about what they were going through. This new approach led to the successful conception and birth of their son, who is now 5.

Whilst enjoying parenting, they were plagued with that nagging feeling that they weren’t done, despite trying to tell themselves they were! Going back into the world of IVF more informed but without the right support team or ‘formula that worked’ for Erin resulted in another failed cycle.

Finally, on the 5th cycle, did they get optimal numbers and despite a negative pregnancy test at the end, Erin knew with certainty she would get her baby with one of the frozen embryos. Happily, she did and her second son is now 2.

Throughout the podcast, Erin touches on key lessons and these are now available to download in the FREE toolbox ( alongside many other great resources for the emotional side of infertility.

Erin now helps other women going through infertility as a fertility coach based in Chicago, Illinois.

In this episode:

  • Lessons learned through infertility
  • Erin’s in-depth fertility story
  • Their journey through IUI and IVF
  • Failed cycles and why
  • Successful cycles and the formula that worked for her
  • How their male factor infertility wasn’t really investigated
  • Erin’s advice for women going through infertility

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