We talk menstrual cycles, the impact of stress, declining sperm rates and how tracking your cycles is like a window into your overall health.

In this great interview with natural fertility expert, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack we talk about how our menstrual cycles are a window into our overall health. Lisa calls our cycles the ‘5th vital sign’ and has recently released a new book talking all about this.

Lisa is known for her expert knowledge of cycles and fertility tracking using the fertility awareness method. She shares her expertise and how charting can illuminate any issues that could be affecting your natural fertility.

We discuss stress and the real and tangible effect it can have on your menstrual cycles and infertility.

We also have the ‘sperm conversation’ about the dramatic decline in sperm quality over the last few decades, just how serious the problem is and what you can do to improve sperm morphology and motility.

Listen in to hear more great information on how our reproductive systems are affected by the environment, diet and lifestyle factors and how to use charting and spot symptoms in your cycles which can support you to understand this direct link and make the necessary changes.

Finally, we talk about how a natural approach to tackling infertility is just as, if not more important than pursuing a medical approach like IVF. 

In this episode:

  • Meet Lisa Hendrickson-Jack from Fertility Friday
  • Learn about the importance of understanding your menstrual cycles
  • Hear how charting can help you spot any issues with your cycle
  • The impact of stress on infertility
  • Declining sperm rates and quality
  • The impact of age on our cycles
  • How to improve sperm and egg health
  • How your menstrual cycle is a window into your general health

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