Learn how you can be more positive during infertility from positive psychology coach, Mel Deague.

It’s hard to stay positive during infertility. In this great interview, we learn how to keep a balanced perspective and become more solution focused.

Hear Mel’s personal story of ‘post-traumatic growth’ and how focusing on her wellbeing has transformed her life. For a long time, she suppressed her trauma and negativity but when she finally tackled the negative emotions and learned more about positive psychology – she found her true self.

In this interview, we talk about how you can’t fake positivity – it has to be real, but you also can’t ignore the negative emotions – it’s about finding a balance and recognising those negative emotions whilst including more positivity boosters in your day.

We discuss simple ideas for positivity boosters like listening to happy music, walking in nature, meditation or being creative and how to use triggers to remind you about these throughout the day or when you’re feeling low.

In this episode:

  • Met Mel Deague, Positive Psychology Coach
  • Learn about balancing positive and negative emotions
  • The importance of not ignoring negative feelings
  • Learn some great positivity boosters
  • How positivity accumulates
  • How to build positivity boosters into your day
  • The power of meditation and mindfulness

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