Listen to our raw interview with Jon and Shannon about their journey through secondary infertility, miscarriages and learning the value of listening to each other

One of our favourite podcast interviews yet! We’re lucky enough to interview a beautiful couple from the United States who open up and share about their secondary infertility story, their miscarriages and how they have grown together as a couple as a result.

Shannon initially felt hesitant about speaking out about her secondary infertility for fear of being judged as she already has children, however now they are both taking on the role of speaking out about the pain and added complexity of secondary infertility and share the stories of compassion and support they have received in return.

Jon also opens up about his role as ‘the man’ and how at times he has questioned his identity and become angry with God as a result of their losses and infertility. He candidly speaks about how he has learned the value of listening to Shannon and not trying to ‘fix’ their infertility.

Finally, the couple shares their advice for other couples going through the ups and downs of secondary infertility and reiterate the important part that true listening has played in getting them through.

In this episode:

  • A quick chat about Christmas and link to download the free ‘Thriving through the holidays’ workbook
  • Introduction to Jon & Shannon’s infertility journey
  • Their shock at their two miscarriages
  • How they are moving on from them and staying hopeful
  • Jon discusses his role during infertility
  • Anger and infertility
  • Relationship skills – the importance of listening
  • The couple’s advice for others going through infertility right now

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