How do you keep going when it feels like you’re never going to get pregnant?! Hear our expert tips for keeping motivated on your fertility journey.

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Now onto today’s topic – keeping motivated on your fertility journey!

  • How do you keep going in the face of so much adversity?
  • How do you pick yourself up after a failed cycle or another monthly disappointment?
  • How do you maintain hope when everything is telling you it’s not going to happen?

There are so many questions along your fertility journey but the toughest ones are when you’re challenging yourself, battling your mindset and facing adversity head-on.

We talk about how it’s your underlying faith or believe in becoming a mum that is the foundation of your motivation and that it’s ok to nurture that hope. Many of us try to protect ourselves with negative thoughts in case of a negative outcome, but often it doesn’t soften the blow if the outcome is negative and means you are living amongst negativity! So, we talk about being positive and keeping that hope alive.

Next, we turn to some specific strategies to help your mindset and help you stay strong on your journey.

In this episode:

  • Celebrating one year and 10,000 downloads of the Your Fertility Hub Podcast
  • What is your underlying belief about the outcome of your fertility journey?
  • How you can nurture the hope that one day you will become a mum or get pregnant
  • How reading other people’s fertility stories can really help you feel less isolated and motivate you to keep going
  • Focusing on the small steps in your journey
  • The benefits of taking a break
  • Life outside infertility – remembering your passions, hobbies and helping others
  • Supporting yourself and your support team
  • Finding ways to relax

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