The green-eyed monster often rears its head on a fertility journey. Learn how to cope with and reduce jealous feelings during infertility.

In this open episode, we talk about the thorny topic of feeling jealous during infertility. It’s incredibly common and can be really difficult to cope with at times.

Learn 3 top strategies to help you reduce or mitigate jealous feelings and instead feel more empowered on your fertility journey.

Firstly we talk about how normal it is to feel this way. When we open up about it, every person feels this way at some point and it’s important to normalise that. These feelings are valid and it’s ok to experience these emotions.

In the podcast, international fertility coach, Karenna Wood, talks about how we can’t allow these thoughts to take up residence within us – that we need to feel them and let them go as they don’t serve our emotional wellbeing. It’s also important to know that these feelings don’t affect your identity- it doesn’t mean you have changed into a ‘nasty, jealous person’; it just means you are going through a really tough part of your life and jealousy is one way of coping with that.

Listen in for 3 strategies to reduce any jealous feelings you might be having and, in particular, try out the ‘controversial’ third suggestion of having compassion for that other person. It’s a tricky one and we can’t always do it, but when we can start practising thinking in this way – it can be really transformational.

Finally, we talk about how jealousy is often an indication or reflection of grief, sadness and anger within you and give you some practical ways that you can start to process these emotions and be working on the root cause of the jealousy.

In this episode:

  • Jealousy during infertility – it’s normal!
  • Jealous feelings are valid but don’t need to be all consuming
  • Learn 3 top tips to reduce jealousy during infertility
  • Where jealousy often comes from
  • Practical strategies to help process emotions and improve wellbeing

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