Caroline’s faith has led her through her own fertility journey and she now inspires thousands of others with her approach


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You are going to love meeting Caroline in this episode! Caroline is an infertility blogger who’s faith has supported her through her own 6-year battle with infertility and has led her to now inspire and support thousands of other women worldwide.

Caroline’s fertility story started not long after her wedding when tests revealed she had a pituitary tumour and her husband azoospermia (no sperm). They were told it was impossible for them to have children naturally.

She lent on God for guidance and he told her to write a blog. Several years later and this blog (In Due Time) has lead her to now lead a huge wave of faith-based infertility support on her blog, social media channels and through ‘Moms in the Making’. This started as a support group in her home (which continues) but has now developed into 15 groups across North America, a new virtual group and an annual conference with people attending from all over the world.

In this episode, we talk through Caroline’s personal fertility journey and also ask the tough questions about faith and fertility. She opens up about the hard days when she doesn’t always understand God’s path for her, but how her journey has actually deepened her faith and relationship with God.

“I believe you can choose to run away from the Lord or run to him.”

We talk about how even if you’re not religious, that infertility challenges you and becomes a spiritual journey. That the lack of answers drives you to question life’s fundamentals and your faith in life and love.

She suggests that the fertility journey “can be good if we choose that” and offers her advice on how you can achieve this. She talks about not putting your life on hold, self care and how important support and meeting other women TTC has been for her and how you can get involved.

In this episode:

  • Faith and Fertility – how to keep the faith and how your faith can support you
  • How starting her blog has transformed her life
  • Caroline’s personal fertility journey
  • How even if you’re not religious yourself, you can find faith to sustain you on your journey
  • Caroline’s advice to others
  • The incredible role a support group can play for you

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