Setting goals for your fertility – how and why you MUST do this!

In the first episode of 2018, we unashamedly jump on the January bandwagon and talk about setting goals. However, we do it in a very different way to what you might be used to.

You may feel that setting goals during infertility is pointless as things change and you don’t have full control over your journey and destiny. We talk about how of course there are many elements out of our control but how there are also many that are within our control and by taking back control can transform your fertility mindset.

As a fertility coach, Karenna starts every coaching relationship in this way – by getting really specific about the areas each client would like to change and what it looks like when that change has happened. In this podcast, we walk you through several ways of setting goals for both your fertility lifestyle and also your fertility mindset.

By setting goals, taking back control over some areas of your life and working on your mindset, it can literally transform your everyday experience of infertility AND (the exciting bit!!!) can actually improve your natural fertility through the power of the mind-body connection.

So tune in to get specific about YOUR fertility goals and to supercharge your fertility journey. Grab a pen and paper if you like to take notes and don’t be afraid to hit pause or return to certain questions so you can fully tease out your goals and what it looks like when you achieve them!

2018 is going to be a big year for Your Fertility Hub. There will be lots more great tips and tools in the podcast, more great free resources in Your Fertility Toolbox and we’re asking you to get in touch if there’s anything you would like to know more about, want us to blog or podcast about and any way in which we can support you more on the emotional side of your fertility journey.

In this episode:

  • Setting goals for your fertility
  • Why it’s important to set goals
  • How to get really specific about your goals and actually visualise what achieving them looks like
  • Asking specific fertility coaching questions and using real-life client examples to demonstrate what fertility goals sound like
  • How goals can support your wellbeing during infertility and why that’s just as important as the outcome
  • How the mind-body connection can bring about changes in your body when you change your mindset and help you create your most fertile state

Goals are like magnets, they attract the things that make them come true!

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