How being your own best friend and challenging your negative thoughts can actually boost your natural fertility.


In the last episode of 2017, we talk about one of the greatest challenges during infertility – negative thinking and how changing this can increase your natural fertility. It’s a huge topic and this episode uses one simple technique to help you challenge some of your negative thoughts – simply being your own best friend.

So we start by being aware of what some of your common negative thoughts are e.g. ‘This is never going to happen for us – I’m never going to get pregnant’ or ‘I’m not worthy of a baby’ or ‘My partner must resent me because it’s my fault we can’t conceive’ and using a thought journal to write them down. Then challenge that thought by saying to yourself what your best friend would say to you.

Imagine your best friend is stood in front of you listening to your innermost thoughts and then responding. Every time you start thinking in that way, listen to your inner best friend and you will quickly start to see a difference in how you feel.

We also talk about the mind-body link and how thoughts actually create emotional and physical reactions in our bodies and how it can actually improve your health and natural fertility as well as your emotional well being when you start to become aware of your negative thoughts and being kinder to yourself.

2018 is going to be a big year for Your Fertility Hub. There will be lots more great tips and tools in the podcast, more great free resources in Your Fertility Toolbox and we’re asking you to get in touch if there’s anything you would like to know more about, want us to blog or podcast about and any way in which we can support you more on the emotional side of your fertility journey.

In this episode:

  • Common negative thoughts whilst trying to get pregnant
  • Becoming aware of your most common negative thoughts
  • Using a thought journal to keep a check on what you are thinking
  • Being your own best friend and responding to yourself just how your best friend would
  • Learning to catch yourself thinking in a negative way
  • How we can’t always challenge our thinking – sometimes we need to use distraction or other methods
  • How your thoughts create a chemical and physiological reaction in your body and how positive thinking can actually improve your health and natural fertility

You can’t choose a situation but you can choose how you RESPOND and how you THINK about it

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