Learn about how breathing can transform your health, reduce your stress levels and become a simple way you can boost your natural fertility.

This week, we are joined by the fabulous Emma Ferris from The Butterfly Effect.com. to talk all about breathing and some simple tools you can use to reduce your stress and help you feel more positive.

In this great interview, Emma teaches us about the fundamental effects breathing has on our physiology, how many chronic issues can be traced back to ‘bad breathing’ and how we can literally and instantly start to transform our health just through good breathing.

We talk about how breathing affects the chemical make-up of your body, how it interacts with your muscles and specifically about how stress can damage your body and affect your fertility.

Don’t worry, we also go in-depth into some simple techniques you can use straight away to improve your breathing and well-being.

Emma is kindly offering all Your Fertility Hub podcast listeners a great discount on her online breathing course ‘The Big Exhale’. See the specific coupon code below and all the links below.

In this episode:

  • How Emma became a ‘breathing geek’
  • Her hand break moment which changed her life
  • How breathing can affect your hormones
  • All about fear and stress breathing and how detrimental that can be for your health
  • How it’s possible your neck and back pain and other elements are caused by ‘bad breathing’
  • How this ‘bad breathing’ changes your blood chemistry, constricts your arteries and affects your body is so many ways
  • Simple techniques which can transform your everyday fertility experience
  • How a little gadget called ‘Spire’ can help you keep track of your stress triggers and bad breathing habits
  • The importance of social connection for women to de-stress

Remember – ‘Without Fail – Exhale’

If you would like to join Emma for her online breathing course ‘The Big Exhale’ at our special discounted rate of $97, click here and put ‘FERTILITYHUB’ into the coupon code box.

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