In episode 12, we chat about how tough the holiday season can be during infertility. When you’re trying to get pregnant, the holidays can seem to magnify everything and it’s easy to feel stressed out. 

The holidays can just add to the feeling that your life is on hold waiting for Santa to deliver your baby dust!

We talk about how being prepared can be the best way to not just survive, but THRIVE through the holidays, even whilst TTC!

So, how can you prepared? In the podcast, we talk through 3 ways to be prepared and reduce the stress of the holiday season:

1. Own your story! Have stock answers prepared for all the nosy, awkward questions

2. Choose to do what YOU want to do this holiday – Perhaps this is the year you tick off something from your bucket list. Xmas in Hawaii? Thanksgiving in Paris? Yes, please! It could be as simple as having a holiday at home with your husband, it doesn’t have to be big. If your usual holiday plans are really stressful, duck out this year and put yourself first

3. Give to others – When you’re feeling overwhelmed by infertility, it’s hard to see how you can give to others. but we talk about the amazing effect giving can have on both the recipient and your wellbeing. It can give you a real boost when you make someone else’s day. Tune in to hear some ideas for how you can give this holiday season

In this episode

  • The stress of holidays
  • Being prepared for the holidays can reduce stress
  • 3 ways to thrive through infertility
  • Some ideas for self-care and nurturing yourself
  • How to keep hope alive during this tough time of year

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