Finding ways to remember or mark your miscarriage and baby loss can really help you heal and allow space for you and building your future family.

As it’s Remembrance Day this week, Your Fertility Hub is talking all about ways you can remember your lost little ones, whether that be from early, mid or late-term miscarriage or stillbirth.

We talk about why it is important to remember or mark the loss in same way and how it can bring some of the pain to the surface to enable you to process it. All too often, miscarriage and baby loss is a purely private suffering and it sits and stays within you.

In this episode, we talk about outlets for your grief and how this can actually bring forward healing.

“Grief is just love with no place to go”

This beautiful quote sums up that grief and loss are actually really about love and the love that we had for the baby or babies we lost. For some, it wasn’t yet a ‘baby’ but there is still huge loss around your hopes and dreams, however you conceptualise it. We talk about how it’s a very individual thing and that you just need to follow your heart and your instincts to what is right for you.

The podcast features case studies of fertility coaching clients who Karenna has assisted to find their own, individual ways through miscarriage and baby loss and how this has shifted the experience and helped these women to achieve their dreams of building their families.

In this episode, we chat through 5 different ways you can mark or remember your lost little one/s:

  1. Writing a letter
  2. Holding a ceremony
  3. Creating a place to go
  4. Collecting memories
  5. Creating something

In this episode:

  • How grief from miscarriage and baby loss affects everyone differently
  • How miscarriage and baby loss are common, yet not often spoken about
  • Why it’s important to find ways to process your loss in a way that’s right for you
  • Case studies of women who have undergone personalised fertility coaching and healing work with Karenna and the results they’ve had
  • 5 ways you can mark or remember your lost little ones
  • Where to reach out for support after a miscarriage or baby loss
  • Considerations for those around you also suffering loss in their own way

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