Come and meet Sue Johnston, a fabulous lady who battled infertility for 10-years and is now a fertility advocate and campaigner in Detroit, Michigan. 

In this episode, we hear all about her rollercoaster journey, the effects of being a ‘military wife’ and how she has now taken her experience and is using it to help others.

Sue talks about her initial treatments, how she was plucked out of her ‘life’ and moved to the Philippines for 2.5 years, putting their TTC journey on hold and how she and her husband managed with his military orders and their ongoing treatments.

We chat about how Sue finally reached out and joined a local Resolve fertility support group and how that completely changed her experience of infertility. 20 years later she is still good friends with some of her #ttcsisters from Resolve and they have now written a book (Detours: Unexpected journeys of hope conceived from infertility) about their collective stories and advice for people going through infertility now.

Sue touches on her important work running a fertility support group in Michigan, how the group works and the kind of things you can expect from joining a face-to-face support group.

Tune in to hear about Sue’s journey and her work now as a fertility advocate and support volunteer.

In this episode

  • Interview with Sue Johnston – Author, Fertility Advocate and Campaigner
  • Sue’s 10-year fertility journey – her treatments, moving countries whilst TTC, how she coped and the final outcome
  • We chat about how fertility treatments have and haven’t changed over the years since her journey
  • The Resolve sisterhood and how joining a face-to-face support group was a real ‘change-point’
  • How Sue’s book ‘Detours’ talks about the different ways you can find a resolution to your fertility journey and how joy can be found in these different routes and outcomes.
  • Her infertility support group in Michigan and what you can expect from joining a fertility support group
  • How face-to-face support is SO important as well as accessing online support

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