I always wanted to be a mum. I knew that was part of my life’s plan but felt so conflicted – I wanted to achieve so much in other areas of my life. How was I meant to do all that and be ready for motherhood at the right time?

I even wrote my thesis on the topic at University, interviewing hundreds of women about when they were thinking about having children and how they planned on fitting everything in before their fertile window started closing!

Career and Motherhood

Now I’m not saying that a career and motherhood are mutually exclusive, by no means, but priorities definitely change when family comes along. I wanted to be an involved mum but I also wanted a good career. So I set off into the corporate world, but was always yearning and searching for more. I knew that I wanted to help women so I joined masterminds, groups and volunteered on women’s hospital wards.


I knew it was all about helping women ‘having children’ so I completed the further biological study and got a place to train to be a midwife. It just wasn’t meant to be however, I couldn’t quit my job to retrain so instead I spent years on a huge journey meeting so many women, working tirelessly evenings and weekends on top of my corporate job and undertaking training in coaching, antenatal education, HypnoBirthing, and fertility coaching. I’m so glad I did!

Where I am right now

I’m now right where I want to be and I truly believe everything I’ve done has delivered me to this point. Now I get to work every day with women helping them get pregnant and then go on to have a happy and healthy pregnancy, birth and journey into motherhood. It was during my fertility training that I got pregnant myself. It was like a switch. What I was learning was so fundamental and answered so many of my questions. I felt like I’d come home and, as I now teach, I learned how key emotions are and how much of a role they play in getting pregnant.

Shortcut to motherhood

I definitely feel like I took a shortcut on my journey to motherhood. I now have two girls who are my world and combined with helping women turn ‘their switch’ I feel grateful every day. The reason I’m telling you all this is not to be smug (at all!) as I know it’s hard for you to hear about my family and I never mention them elsewhere, but I want you to get to know me a bit better and also so you can see that I’m just like you. I too set out to ‘achieve’ so many things, have overcome health issues (read my cervical cancer story here) and to fulfil a dream of having a family and a fulfilling career. I spent years searching for the answers and found them all within fertility coaching. There’s no magic or secret tricks, just really simple techniques that once taught you can use now and for the rest of your life to help you feel good and get your body into the healthiest place possible.


Now if you’re still reading this, I know you’re here for the right reasons. You’re looking for new answers for your fertility journey and possibly looking for someone to guide you and help you find a new direction and new ways of thinking about your fertility. Now you know me a little, I’d love to get to know you. Book in for a FREE Fertility Breakthrough Call where we talk about where you’re at and see if fertility coaching could help you.

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