Learn how mindfulness can boost your natural fertility and reduce stress on your infertility journey

In this episode, Karenna talks about the power of mindfulness. It’s not just a buzz word or only for the few – it’s now a mainstream technique that is scientifically-proven to raise emotional wellbeing and improve natural fertility.

Most of us spend most of our thinking time in two places – the past and the future. We rehash past events, allow regrets to simmer or project forward into the future – often visualising the worst-case scenarios or catastrophizing our futures.

It can get very overwhelming being ‘in your thoughts’ all the time. They feel like they have control and you feel like you’re losing it!

Some people worry that by being mindful they are changing their approach to their fertility journey. Being mindful does not mean you are becoming passive or change how much you want that baby. Instead, it can make you feel better every day and improve your chances of conceiving too.

We discuss some of the benefits of mindfulness and how free people feel when they start a regular practice and aren’t immersed in their thoughts. Karenna mentions studies that have found a positive impact on emotional wellbeing across the board when women are taught mindfulness. Women were found to feel stronger, more able to cope, increasingly self-compassionate and able to regulate their emotions.

Excitingly, the studies also show an increase in the pregnancy rate and IVF success rates (e.g. an example of a recent study here) So this is more than just a wellbeing factor, this is actually a tool you can use to boost your natural fertility and increase your chances of conceiving.

In the final part of the podcast, we talk about top tips for mindfulness and how to start with a quick example live on the podcast.

In this episode:

  • What is mindfulness?
  • Why do we need mindfulness?
  • Where are we spending our time if it’s not in the present moment?
  • Common concerns
  • Benefits of mindfulness for infertility
  • Top tips to get started on a regular mindfulness practice

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