Mind-Body Tools for Fertility

Teaching mind-body tools to women going through infertility has been proven to more than double pregnancy / IVF success rates. This amazing statistic is repeated across multiple research studies over the last few decades and shows an exciting way that women can boost their natural fertility and improve their fertility journeys.

But it’s also more than that – it’s about wellbeing DURING infertility too!

What is the mind-body connection?

The mind-body connection is the increasingly popular approach that sees our mind and body working together for optimal health. Typically, we view our bodies as separate entities and our health as nothing to do with our thoughts, emotions and stress levels.

However we all know where we hold stress in our bodies and how negative emotions can often manifest themselves in symptoms in the body. We know that stress can cause headaches, tense muscles, high blood pressure and digestive issues. And that’s just talking about the effect of stress on the body. There’s a whole range of ways our minds affect the functioning of our bodies.

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What does this mean for fertility?

The emotional side of fertility is huge. It has been compared to the same levels of stress and despair as those diagnosed with a terminal illness!

Studies show women suffering from stress, anxiety or depression are half as likely to conceive than those who aren’t. This is mainly to do with the intricate balance of hormones in our bodies and with regards stress – the hormones are regulated from the same place as our reproductive hormones so they can directly impact each other.

Now that doesn’t mean that people with high-stress levels can’t get pregnant and if you relax that you will definitely get pregnant. It just means that for the majority of us the mind is playing some role in the functioning of our bodies so if we can work to get the mind healthy, this then translates into the body (and a happier, healthier you too!).

Many studies have shown that when stress is reduced or negative emotions are changed to be more positive, that the chances of conceiving are much higher. The chances of conceiving naturally are much higher too. One study from Harvard University showed 55% of women getting pregnant following a mind body program, versus 20% who didn’t, and 76% of them got pregnant naturally within 12 months.

Where can I start learning these mind-body tools for fertility?

You can access over 100 mind-body tools for fertility in the Your Fertility Toolbox 

Learn more about how to maximise your chances of getting pregnant naturally and increase IVF success rates by implementing simple mind-body tools that help you relax, reduce stress, improve your relationships, help you cope with the fertility roller coaster and overall help you feel supported and more positive as you work towards getting pregnant.

Our goal is wellbeing DURING infertility and often pregnancies are a happy side effect of what we do!