IVF is an incredibly emotional experience. There’s lots of tips and information out there about how to change your diet, lifestyle and the practical tips but not a lot of specific emotional support.

In this episode, Fertility Coach Karenna Wood talks you through her top tips to manage IVF more positively.

In this, she touches on stress, emotional wellbeing, managing relationships and how to take control of your thoughts (and not let them control you)

With nearly 15 top tips just for the emotional side, this is a must-listen for anyone going through IVF.

At the end of the episode, listeners can get a special 20% discount code for the new IVF Support Course ‘IVF Thrive’.

In this episode:

  • Why you need to focus on your emotional well-being during IVF
  • The IVF rollercoaster
  • Stress and IVF
  • Sleep
  • Life outside IVF
  • Managing relationships
  • The importance of having a good cry!
  • Building your support team
  • Dealing with nasty and negative emotions
  • Going into IVF with a positive or negative
  • How visualisation can help your fertility mindset

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