There are so many things you ‘should do’ to boost your natural fertility – diet, exercise, supplements etc. But how do you motivate yourself to maintain all these lifestyle changes?

Sometimes it feels like you have to change your whole life during infertility. Whether you’re cutting out sugar, gluten or alcohol OR adding in supplements, acupuncture or timed intercourse – it feels like your life has been taken over by trying to get pregnant.

These sweeping changes are so hard to maintain full-time, especially over a long period of time. In this blog, we’re here to help with some tips to keep you motivated to maintain all the amazing lifestyle changes you are making during infertility.

Top tips for maintaining lifestyle changes during infertility


1. The big picture

Of course, the biggest motivation of all is having your long-awaited baby. Sometimes it feels like it’s never going to happen, however, it’s important that you don’t stay in that mindset for too long. You need to recognise that feeling, but not stay there. We talk a lot about mindset at Your Fertility Hub and you can join our Toolbox to access FREE tools and support. Listen to our special podcast all about ‘Your Fertility Mindset’. Keeping the big picture in mind in a positive way will help when you’re feeling flat or want to reach for that vino!

2. Keep doing things you’re passionate about

When you’re making changes that aren’t so fun like cutting out foods you like, it’s important to have things in your life that you are passionate about and that make you happy. It could be the small simple things like regular walks, baths or your favourite hobby but it’s vital you are balancing any changes you feel are negative with some positive things just for you

3. Help others

During infertility, there’s a lot of introspection. There’s the constant barrage of thoughts, comparisons to others and maintaining the mask of infertility. Getting ‘out of yourself’ by helping others can be transformational to how you feel. Volunteering at a local charity, helping at your local animal shelter or just helping a friend with a project can help lift you out of your infertility thoughts for a while and give you the space to refresh and feel motivated again.

4. Use affirmations

Affirmations are positive forward-thinking statements. They’re your vision of how you want to be thinking and feeling and are incredibly powerful! Find affirmations that resonate with you and stick them up everywhere you go often – your phone screensaver, your fridge, your mirror etc. In a short time with reading these statements every day, you are training your brain to think in this new, positive way. Use specific affirmations around the lifestyle changes you are making to support your mindset around them.

5. Surround yourself with the right support people

You can’t make sweeping lifestyle changes on your own. You need the support of the people around you, especially your partner who may be directly affected by any changes in diet or lifestyle. In addition to your partner, you ideally need a wider team like your mum, friend or naturopath to help keep you on track, pick you up when you’re down and to give you a pep talk when you need motivation to maintain your fertility lifestyle changes

6. Break down your goals into smaller parts

Bigger goals need to be broken down into the smaller steps you take to get there. A big goal can seem insurmountable and therefore it’s easy to get demotivated. Write down the steps you need to take to make the lifestyle changes you want to make to boost your natural fertility and work on them one-by-one.

7. Celebrate the small wins

When you achieve one of the smaller goals – celebrate! Treat yourself with a massage or new book, just a small reward might help you keep motivated to achieve the next step, and the next one…!

8. It’s ok to have a break

Don’t beat yourself up if you need a break. Some of the changes you are making can feel quite extreme and it’s just not possible to do it 100% of the time. You can either plan time to take a break or if you fall down, don’t haunt yourself with it. Pick yourself up and move on!

9. Don’t become obsessed

When your grocery shopping is taking 3 hours because you have to read the back of every packet and visit 5 different stores, it’s not maintainable. When you’re at a friend’s dinner party and can only drink water and eat the crackers, it’ not fun or maintainable. You need to take a realistic view of what’s possible in your life and not obsess over the details every day. It’s hard but try and talk to yourself as your best friend would talk to you about it.

10. Find ways to relax

Making lifestyle changes during infertility can be stressful. Not only does reducing stress boost your natural fertility, it’s a vital part of keeping motivated on your journey. Meditation and mindfulness are great tools to use to improve how you feel, help you relax your mind and body and are known to actually increase your natural fertility. Join our FREE toolbox to access meditations, videos and downloads to support you to relax during infertility. We even have a specific PCOS meditation which focuses on helping you maintain all the changes you might be making to reduce your PCOS symptoms.

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It’s not easy making lifestyle changes during infertility, so make sure you are supporting yourself emotionally on your journey as well as working hard on all the physical and medical side of things. Remember, this is what we specialise on at Your Fertility Hub so tune into our podcastjoin our Toolbox or join us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for regular inspiration and support tips.