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Most women going through fertility treatments feel stressed, overwhelmed and unsupported.

However, there’s a better way to journey through your treatment and it’s called IVF Thrive

Too often during IVF, you feel out of control, super stressed, overwhelmed by the process, confused by the advice and have no one to talk to who understands. It’s a melting pot for so much stress, yet you know stress is bad for you.

Don’t worry, we’re here to support you and guide you through so you can THRIVE through your IVF or medicated IUI

IVF Thrive – Your online emotional support guide

IVF Thrive is a truly unique online guide to the emotional side of fertility treatments like IVF and IUI. Tailored specifically to each stage of the process and providing you with emotional support and stress-relief tools for every step.
As soon as you purchase, you get lifetime access to your library of video tutorials explaining what you can expect of the IVF / IUI process and how best to support yourself. You also get an optimising meditation for each stage and a huge IVF Toolkit of downloadable workbooks, checklists and affirmations to support your fertility mindset.
“Women who had participated in a stress-management program before or during their second IVF cycle had a 160% greater pregnancy rate than women who had not.” (Domar and Nikolovski, 2002)

“One study showed women who were measured as going into IVF with high-stress levels were half as likely to conceive as those that weren’t”

“Another study showed a halving of the IVF success rates when women were suffering from stress, anxiety or depression”

Hi, I’m Karenna – international fertility coach and founder of Your Fertility Hub. I’m passionate about women getting more emotional support during infertility and particularly during fertility treatments.

As a fertility coach, I get to help guide people positively through their fertility treatments and I created IVF Thrive so you too can feel more positive, supported and in control of your body and treatment process.

It’s so important to look after yourself during IVF and more than that – we know that we can actually increase the success rate of IVF through using these mind-body tools.

Let me teach you how!


The course includes:

– 10 Video Tutorials – Talking about stress, mind-body tools that work for fertility treatments and how to support yourself at each stage of treatment

– 7 Fertility Meditations – specifically tailored to optimise your body in the stimulation phase, post egg retrieval for embryo transfer, implantation and to support your mindset in the two-week wait (2WW)

Our unique IVF Thrive Checklist and Workbook which helps you download and process your thoughts and emotions and identify ways you can better support yourself, find happiness and relaxation amongst the crazy and our top tips for the dreaded two-week wait (2WW) – Our IVF Thrive checklist and relationship listening exercise

+ BONUS Printables -5 Fertility Treatment Affirmations and wallpapers for your phone and desktop to keep your mindset positive

Uniquely, we give you LIFETIME access. So you don’t have to worry if plans change.

You simply log in and access your materials at any time!

When you join, you get instant access to your own personal fertility toolbox which contains a library of free meditations, videos and downloads with more each month! You can return to this dashboard at any time to access all the Toolbox goodies and your IVF Thrive course.

What’s in IVF Thrive?

Firstly we help you prepare emotionally for IVF with our top tips, relaxing meditation and specific video guide to down-regulation

Next, we talk about medications, how to do injections and strategies to manage any side effects with a tailored meditation to help your ovaries stimulate to ‘just the right amount’

In this section, we prepare you for the egg collection and for the emotional time afterwards. Our specific post-egg retrieval meditation helps you release any excess medications and feel ready for the next stage

It’s an emotional time around the transfer date. We teach you specific tips for a successful transfer and our meditation helps you relax and promote stillness at the time of transfer

We help you manage the agonising waiting and prepare for your results. We give you ideas of how to manage the emotions and thoughts at this time and a long relaxing meditation for some ‘fertility calm’!

In this exciting section, you can watch videos on how to manage your relationships and life outside IVF, how stress affects you and we give you lots of stress-reduction tools. You can then download your IVF Checklist and Workbook, the positive affirmations and wallpapers to help you with your mindset

Don’t miss out on crucial emotional support from an experienced fertility coach.

Let me guide you through your IVF and help you thrive for just $49 USD.

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