EP49 - the importance of emotional support during fertility treatment

Today’s episode is about the sheer importance of emotional support during fertility treatment.

Hear from fertility specialist Dr Gad Lavy and relationship therapist Samantha Lavy about how they are making it a priority in their clinics.

It’s a fact – the take up of in-clinic counselling or therapy is very low. In Australia, it’s mandatory to offer counselling during fertility treatment but clinics vary in their approach and promotion of this.

In this interview with the amazing couple, Dr Gad and Samantha Lavy, from the New England Fertility Institute and JSRC, they chat with us about their unique approach and understanding of the importance of emotional support during fertility treatment.

In this episode:

  • A call to arms to talk with your clinic about the emotional support they offer and ask for more!
  • Dr Gad Lavy shares the challenges of going through infertility treatment and impact on relationships
  • We talk about the importance of emotional support during fertility treatment and how this should be prioritised by the industry and individuals
  • The individual needs for emotional support for surrogacy and LGBT patients

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